Dental Implants

Dental implants are the next best thing to having natural teeth

Dental implant treatment provides a genuine life-changing solution to many dental problems and is one of the most exciting areas of modern dentistry to work in.

A Dental Implant Consists Of 3 Parts

  • Tooth Crown We offer porcelain and zirconium crowns
  • Screw
  • Abutmentwe provide from either titanium or zirconium
  • Fixture A small fixture made from titanium is inserted into the jawbone – the dental implant
Implant Supporting Treatments

For dental implant to be successful, there must be enough bone to support them. You may not have enough bone because of tooth loss from periodontal (gum) disease, injury or trauma, or a developmental defect. If your jaw is too short (up and down), too narrow (side to side), or both, you will need a procedure to add bone to your jaw before implant can be placed.

Synthetic bone graft is a term used to describe a procedure using a hydroxyapatite or other naturally occurring and biocompatible substance with similar mechanical properties to bone, to “build” bone so that dental implant can be placed. These procedures typically involve grafting (adding) these bonelike materials to the jaw, and waiting for the grafted material to fuse with the existing bone over several months.

Our success rate for dental implants is 99,6%
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  • Satinder Singh Dhami qualified in 2003 from Guys Kings and St. Thomas’ Dental Institute. He later went on to achieve a Diploma in Implant Dentistry.
  • Satinder’s treatment portfolio includes all types of dental implant treatment, bone grafting, sinus augmentation and nerve repositioning to create adequate bone for implant placement in the very difficult and failed cases.
  • Satinder treats all conditions ranging from the replacement of a single tooth to full mouth teeth replacement in upper and lower jaws (even in cases where teeth were removed many years ago).
  • Long lasting success that includes optimal function and appearance is the main aim in every case.
  • Dr Dhami has conducted over 2,000 implants to date.

Finance options are available to help spread the cost

We can help you spread the cost of your treatments. Please check with us to see what finance options are available to you, subject to status.

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